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The Next Chapter Of Diversity

- By Stefani Nolde

The Culture of Diversity

“Strength lies in differences. Not in similarities.”

Every culture, every nationality, every single person sees the world in a different way. With that, every culture, every nationality, and every person has different knowledge, perspectives, and points of view. The blending of these differences is what makes ONE beautiful culture. The culture of DIVERSITY.

The Culture Of Reading

The variety of book genres allows individuals of different interests to find their place in the realm of pages. A place to laugh, a place to cry, a place to love, a place to learn, a place to discover, a place of thrill, a place of mystery. We all have our preferences, but what if I told you that in these places, you can find yourself learning more about the people around you, that you may interact with on a daily basis, but know absolutely NOTHING about THEM.

One Page At A Time

Books are like mirrors and windows.” - Stefani Nolde

Think of a time when you went to a foreign location and the fear and anticipation of "standing out" overtook you. Do you remember walking on egg shells to make sure no one noticed that "you were not from here"? Do you remember how small that made you feel? Now, think of a time where you traveled to a foreign location that YOU knew nothing about, but you desired to explore the culture and embrace new things. You found yourself researching things to do, places to visit, the style of fashion, analyzing brochures to learn all the ins and outs. See! You're already getting NOOKED!

Literature is such a readily accessible way to learn. Not only is it accessible, it is the most trusted source! So trusted that it has evolved from our basic paper structure, to electronic accessible by ways of Ebooks and...well....BLOGS! I challenge you to pick up a book OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. A genre you've never read. A culture you know nothing about. And it doesn't have to be non-fictional, nor educational. Pick up something fun! Learn what entertains their minds. Learn what makes them laugh. Learn what makes them smile. Learn what makes them wonder. I love to say books are like mirrors and windows. When you look at the words, you're looking out into a world of diversity, and will soon discover, there are people out there who are more like you than you think.

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