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Meet Stefani Nolde

Hi, I'm Stefani! I am the founder and owner of Nolde's Nook. Born and raised in Queens, NY, I've experienced the beautiful blend of diversified culture at a first glance. I am most confident that it's the experiences I've undergone within my childhood community that has shaped the path that I walk today. An advocate of respecting the distinct and unique identity of everyone, I am now helping parents, teachers and children connect to Multicultural Literature.  Queens remains, to this day, the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. 

I've had the privilege of teaching in diverse learning communities, as an elementary teacher for 22 years. Now, I'm using my platform to introduce the many shapes, colors and ethnical backgrounds that make up this beautiful world. 

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"Teaching is at my core.

My love of teaching perspective and

voice through diverse literature is key to diverse thinking and breaking down barriers.

Books are like mirrors and windows."

- Stefani Nolde

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Nolde's Mission

Here at Nolde's Nook, we strive to promote the love of reading while having engaged conversations regarding different elements of book genres. This vision is executed through workshops and seminars. 


Nolde's Nook will continue to establish diverse literature by working

with educators & parents in an advisory capacity to

culturally balance classroom and home libraries. 

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